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  • For a project in Antwerp we have delivered more than 250 valves, manual and automated from 1" to 16" Class 150# according Belgian Gas Law.


  • 56 pieces stainless steel threaded ball valves PN63 with Rotork RCEL electric actuator.
  • Safi check valve & ball valves 2- & 3-way in PVDF and GRPP with kinetrol pneumatic vane actuators
  • 36 pieces Quadax double flanged butterfly valves in 6", 8", 10", 12", 16" and 20" ANSI Class 150RF mounted with Omal pneumatic actuators.
  • +/- 300 pieces forged OMAL floating ball valves ANSI Class 150 RF from 1/2" to 2", with standard lever and with Kinetrol spring return lever.
  • 8", 10" & 12" Quadax 4-offset butterfly valves in stainless steel, LCB and WCB Class 150 & 300 RF with Omal pneumatic actuators.
  • Project of 340 pieces AEV stainless steel cryogenic top entry segment ball valves 1" to 6" ANSI Class 300 RF, manual and with Omal pneumatic actuators.
  • MIV Flanged Gate valves DN 1600 with ROTORK IQ25 actuator and external sensors. 2 pieces produced from foundry through machining, assembly, testing and shipping in only 48 calendar days, including New Years holiday period.
  • Package for a fertilizer in Africa of valves between 1" & 8". Xurox butterfly valves and teflon lined valves automated with Omal actuators
  • Omniseal Double Block & Bleed Expanding Plugvalves, ready to be packed. 2 units 10" Class 150 and 2 units 14" Class 150, complete with Rotork IQ. Valves prepared with Automatic Body Bleed System for future connection to separate drainsystem
  • Delivery of 2 pieces Omni Double Block & Bleed plug valves in 12" ANSI Class 150 RF.


  • A.E.V. Top Entry double eccentric segment valves 8"-150RF with Omal double acting pneumatic actuators, Soldo switchboxes and solenoid valves. For replacement of leaking conventional ball valves on the bottom of a reactor with abrasive fluid.
  • Nice delivery of some Weir-Sarasin safety valves: Serie 9 thermal relief valves, Starflow 6"x8" spring loaded for steam application, Serie 78 pilot operated safety valves 1"x2" for 400 barg
  • Lot of double flanged butterfly valves DN400 & DN200 PN16, GGG40 body with Rilsan coated disc and NBR liner, mounted with Rotork single acting pneumatic actuators and handwheel including all the controls, for a project in Antwerp
  • DN 800 MIV Butterfly check valve with electro-hydraulic shock absorber system with 2 stage closing system. Body & disc hard rubber lined
  • DN 200 , Wafer type, Quadax quadruple offset metal seated butterfly valve with single acting OMAL actuator (scotch yoke) installed as ESD valves in a tankfarm. Order completed with 2 On/OFF Quadax valve with Rotork electric actuator
  • 54 SAFI Flanged ball valves ,DN 25 up to DN50, completed with Remote Control single acting RCT actuator for installation in chemical plant.
  • 3-way stainless steel ball valve, type B-MW 3L/120, 4" Class 150 RF FB, with pneumatic actuator GT GTW-NM-118X120DA and Soldo SK switchbox


  • OMAL stainless steel ball valves 2-way & 3-way, DN25 & DN50, PN40, manual operated en mounted with KINETROL Eexd limit switch box.
  • SAFI flanged ball valves in PPVF, DN65, DN80 & DN 100, PN10 mounted with SCHISCHEK spring return elektric actuators 230 VAC
  • Lot of A & R ball valves from DN15 to DN80 PN16 RF in stainless steel with stem extension and locking device
  • 4 pieces OMNI Double Block & Bleed dual expanding plug valve 6 "& 8" 300 # RF in LCC, with bleed connection and gear box for project in Antwerp
  • Project with a whole package OMAL wafer ball valves, both standard manual as with dead man's lever, as well as with OMAL scotch yoke pneumatic actuators. Diameters from DN 25 to DN 80, PN40
  • Automated valves project on water application, with XUROX butterfly valves and ROTORK electric actuators, as well as stainless steel ball valves with SCHISCHEK electric spring to close actuators
  • DN200 PN10 manual diaphragm valve from SAFI in PVDF with open/close notification
  • 2 pieces DN25 ANSI Class 900 globe valves in 1.4910 material BW connection


  • Rigau pressure seal bonnet, parallel slide gate valve 4" ANSI Class 900 RTJ with by-pass 1" in A217 WC6 material and trim 5
  • 15 pcs SRI A90RL ball valves in 8" 600# RF, whereof 2 with Rotork CP actuator, soldo box and control panel, 2 pcs 24" 150# RF with gear, and 112 pcs SRI BF2000 ball valves from 1/2" to 2" in ANSI 150# and 600# for a project in Antwerp.
  • Package of ball valves and triple offset butterfly valves from 2" to 8" with Rotork IQT electric actuators and Kinetrol fail-safe levers for a project in Luxembourg.
  • Rotork automated Xurox butterfly valves, knife gate valves and ball valves & Pre-Vent control valves for a project in Russia.
  • SRI trunnion mounted ball valves ANSI Class 600 RF 5 pieces 10" with Rotork IQT 2000 & 5 pieces 3" with Rotork IQT 125 for a project in Vietnam.
  • PROTECTOSEAL DN 50 tank ventilation and breather valves in stainless steel with integrated position indication by sensors.
  • 6" ANSI 300# SRI A90 RL trunnion mounted ball valves low temperature forged steel with single acting pneumatic REMOTE CONTROL actuators and switchboxes.
  • Pinch valves DN50 PN16 with single acting pneumatic actuator and electro-pneumatic positioner on a lime milk application.
  • SAFI GRPP ball valves DN80 mounted with REMOTE CONTROL pneumatic single acting actuators with Tufram coating on a sulphuric acid application
  • 24 pieces Tank bottom ball valves DN100 x DN80 PN16 with Rotork Remote Control Tufram coated pneumatic single acting actuators and switchboxes
  • Metal seated ball valve complete with Remote Control pneumatic actuation package. Size DN 25, PN100. Application: 40 bar steam at 405 degrees Celsius
  • SRI A90RL RK trunnion mounted ball valve 1/2" x 3/4" x 1/2" ANSI Class 1500# RTJ in 316L with cryogenic extention and REMOTE CONTROL pneumatic single acting scotch & yoke actuator RC240-SR035
  • Replacement of +/- 70 pieces electro-hydraulic actuators by ROTORK Skilmatic actuators on existing and new triple offset valves between 6" & 18" ANSI Class 150#.
  • SRI ball valves 2" & 8" ANSI Class 900 part manual with ROTORK gears and SOLDO switchboxes, and part with ROTORK electric actuators for a project in Australia
  • Around 600 pieces on/off and control valves from 1/2" to 20" ANSI Class 150 & 300, SRI & SAFI bal valves, Triple offset valves, REMOTE CONTROL actuators, SOLDO switchboxes, RIGAU gate & globe valves, PREVENT control valves and others (project Middle East)


  • Mounting of REMOTE CONTROL type RCG actuators on 14" ANSI Class 300# ball valves.
  • More then 100 pieces A+R & SAFI ball valves, SAFI butterfly valves, pinch valves, diaphragm valves & REMOTE CONTROL actuators for a project in Peru.
  • 2 pieces SRI trunnion mounted ball valves 6" ANSI Class 2500# RTJ with ROTORK electric actuators IQ12 for a project in Angola
  • 3 pieces triple offset flow control valves with ROTORK REMOTE CONTROL RC88 fail open pneumatic actuators and Siemens positioner for a project in Kuwait
  • 2 pieces triple offset Emergency Shut Down valves 16" ANSI Class 300# with Skilmatic ROTORK electro-hydraulic actuators and DARCHEM fire proofing for a project in Antwerp
  • 4 pieces 24" ANSI Class 600# ball valves with Rotork IQ20 electric actuators for a project in Turkmenistan

Before 2014

  • Remote Control actuators including control panels and positioners for mounting on triple offset valves. Project for Germany.
  • Mounting of a Rotork pneumatic actuator type GP on a trunnion mounted ball valve 16" ANSI Class 1500#
  • Mounting of a Rotork actuator on a 12" gate valve 2500#
  • DN 200 PN16 triple offset butterfly valve mounted in between double wall tank with electro-hydraulic fail safe ROTORK Skilmatic actuator at outside of the tank. Project in Luxembourg.
  • SRI Trunnion mounted Ball valves 6" ANSI 300 RF mounted with Remote Control pneumatic actuator with handwheel and switchbox.
  • SRI Pig Launcher valve 12" ANSI 600 RF at test bench, delivered for project in Antwerp.
  • SRI Trunnion mounted Ball valves from 1/2" up to 2" in Stainless Steel ANSI 1500 RF mounted with Remote Control pneumatic actuators installed at Natural gas plant.
  • SAFI Ball valve in GRPP DN100 mounted with Remote Control pneumatic actuator with handwheel and RC switchbox.
  • A+R Metal seated Ball valve 6" ANSI 150 RF mounted with Remote Control RC88 spring return actuator.
  • DN800 Piping in composite material (GRP).