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Since 2022, we have a partnership with with severe service valves manufacturer ValvTechnologies. By adding their top quality products in our range, we can better serve the oil & gas downstream and chemical processing industries in the Benelux.

  • ValvTechnologies has been manufacturing and guaranteeing the performance of metal-seated, zero-leakage severe service valves for more than 30 years.
  • ValvTechnologies delivers the most extensive line of zero-emission, metal sealing severe service valve technology: metal seated, coking, control, and switching valves.
  • But more importantly, ValvTechnologies products deliver the most dependable isolation of critical equipment and bottom-line savings due to less downtime and safer operation.
  • ValvTechnologies’ severe service valves are built to withstand the toughest applications: high-temperature (800°C), high-pressure, high-cycling, abrasive, corrosive and caustic media have all been considered in the design of our product line!
  • With a ValvTechnologies solution, you’ll be ensured the integrity of your process and the safety of your plant staff.