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Trillium Flow Technologies/Sarasin RSBD

TRILLIUM Flow Technologies manufactures and supplies a comprehensive range of Sarasin-RSBD™ pressure relief valves and safety devices for use in oil & gas, chemical and power industries (conventional and nuclear).

The variety of products covers all level of process in which protective action against overpressure is required. Our Sarasin-RSBD™ products are recognised globally for their quality, innovative design and durability.

Weir’s operation in Vendin-le-Vieil, France and in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, manufactures the following ranges of Sarasin-RSBD™ Pressure Relief Valves:

• Direct spring operated pressure relief valves
• Pilot operated pressure relief valves for general applications
• Sarasin-RSBD™ Starsteam™ (V series) pressure relief valves for steam service
• Change over valves

Within the PRODIM organization, we have a dedicated ‘Product Manager safety valves & tank protection’.  This product specialist will assist you starting from the basic selection, calculations, regulation until commissioning of all safety related devices.  Together with the experience and expertise of the factories of TRILLIUM Flow Technologies, PROTECTOSEAL and CONTINENTAL DISC CORPORATION , PRODIM can provide advice and support for all safety related questions.