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The Quadax four-offset butterfly valve is a patented design butterfly valve with all the qualities of the proven triple offset butterfly valves with unique features that offer significant advantages.

The concept of the fourth offset may be difficult to understand, but the resulting benefits are straightforward: 

  • Less wear
  • Lower torque
  • Higher Cv
  • Unique seal options

Product Features 

  • available up to 40", and larger
  • available up to 160 bar, and above
  • zero leakage, even in cryogenic applications
  • very low torque because it's friction free
  • no wear of seat or sealing surface
  • highest quality of the seat and sealing surfaces due to the patented fourth offset design
  • dead leg area is minimized by the quadruple offset design, less dirt collection
  • no movement between the disc and the disc seal - absolutely tight connection between the seal and the disc
  • perfect support of the seal, no additional stress
  • fully enclosed disc shaft design results in the lowest shaft deflection, even at high pressure
  • tight shut-off in both directions up to full pressure
  • fire safe in both directions
  • iso drilling on top flange for actuation
  • all metal seal is an option
  • stellite seat is an option
  • temperature range -270°C to +800°C
  • floating disc design - temperature variations are not a problem; perfect sealing every time
  • oxygen service option with all metal design, for service up to 300 bar and 550°C
  • sealed bearing design is an option
  • good regulation performance - linear characteristic between 20° and 80° of opening