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OMNISEAL is a leading provider of double block and bleed expanding plug valves for oil, natural gas, distribution, refining, petrochemical applications.

OMNISEAL understands that in today's highly competitive energy industry your success depends on having reliable access to the right flow control products, at the right time, at the right price. Through an integrated global network of suppliers, OMNISEAL delivers the highest quality flow control products when you need them -- at highly competitive prices.

These make it clear that OMNISEAL strives:

  • To consistently exceed all customer expectations by focusing on service
  • To deliver the highest quality products through a commitment to continuous improvement
  • To apply leading, cost-effective technology and business systems to improve efficiency 

The  OMNISEAL  Expanding Plug Valve is a high integrity positive shut-off valve designed for applications where tight shut-off, verifiable zero leak rate and double block and bleed (DBB) capabilities are required. This DBB valve is effective for a variety of applications including offshore platforms, aviation fueling, tank farms, terminals, custody transfer units, meter stations, multiple-product manifolds and bulk product isolation