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About Prodim


PRODIM Netherlands BV has been established in January 2015, as part of the Prodim group.

The team of the Dutch entity has a long lasting experience related to valves and automation. Several team members have been active on national and international level. This has resulted in many contacts and business relations throughout the different industries, especially in the oil & gas, the chemical and petro-chemical industry.

Prodim Netherlands BV is committed to the following set of company values;

  • Customer focus: The customer will always be the central focus point when taking business decisions. Our goal is to reach a mature partnership with our customers.
  • Enthusiasm: A positive mindset and attitude towards customers and suppliers will give us energy to reach our goals and targets.
  • Power: Look for solutions. Using the knowledge, dedication and experience of the complete team to support our customers in order to guarantee customer satisfaction.
  • Creativity: Knowledge of our product range and the industrial market, together with the years of experience, will result into creative and innovative solutions.
  • Flexibility: Adapts ourselves and our way of working to the current and future circumstances, keeping the customer as the central focus point.

Prodim Netherlands is able to make use of Prodim NV, the Belgium entity within the Prodim group. Prodim NV, acting as Distribution Centre, has a very experienced team of engineers and product specialists, a workshop for assembly, a service department and a warehouse with a number of stock products.


The wide product range consists out of a number of names which are well known within their specific “playing field”, for example:

  • SAFI Thermoplastic valves resistant to corrosion. Construction can be in different sorts of engineered plastics. Customers coming from chemical industry agricultural and water technology world.
  • REMOTE CONTROL High end scotch & yoke pneumatic actuators. Remote Control, being part of the Rotork group, gives access to a wide range of actuation; gears, electric, (electro) hydraulic and failsafe actuation.
  • QUADAX Metal seated ‘quadruple eccentricity’ butterfly valve, with higher flow capabilities (Cv) and bubble tight. A valve which can perform in the toughest and most demanding applications.
  • GROTH A complete range of tank protection devices like : flame arrestors, pressure and vacuum relief vents, emergency vents tank blanketing valves
  • SAFE RING Flange protection, minimizing the risk for personal injuries
  • STEMSHIELD Valve stem protection
  • SRI Forged API 6D ball valves (floating and trunnion mounted)
  • A+R ARMATUREN Cast industrial ball valves, often used in the process industry
  • XUROX Rubber- and teflon lined butterfly valves
  • RIGAU Gate, Globe & Check valves